Original productions range from studio based, multi camera OB’s to ENG shoots. The locations and demands those locations make are varied.

Studios provide the ideal production arena but Matchroom have developed their OB coverage to encompass a variety of different locations from casinos to shopping malls.

Poker productions have utilised some of the world’s greatest hotels and casinos to create a unique atmosphere that allows poker fans the chance to see some of the biggest names in the game at close quarters.

Pool and tenpin bowling have moved from the club environment to the very public areas such as shopping malls to build on the growing popularity of these sports. Audiences have packed balconies and arenas to catch a glimpse of their heroes as Matchroom Sport creates a spectacular stage to produce hours of live and pre recorded shows from locations as diverse as Las Vegas to Manila.

Material has been translated and dubbed into a range of languages and formats to ensure that clients are catered for in a unique way. The rapid turnaround when covering sporting events makes the need for fast and efficient post production systems a must but Matchroom Sport has also invested in new and innovative ways to distribute their programmes.

Tape duplication is just one way of distribution – streaming and server based systems allow instant access to the Matchroom archive as well as its most recent productions satisfying the demands of broadcasters. In house DVD authoring and design completes the package.


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