Matchroom Boxing Foundation rescues Golden Gloves ABC in Liverpool
Boxing June 5th, 2015

The Golden Gloves ABC in Liverpool is the first boxing club to benefit from launch of the Matchroom Boxing Foundation.

Promoter Eddie Hearn has launched the foundation to support grassroots boxing clubs and gyms across Britain and ahead of the bumper bill in Liverpool on Friday June 26, and the foundation has already saved a long-serving institution from extinction.

The Golden Gloves ABC has been forced out of the Toxteth-base it called home for 12 years this week due to rising rents, but the Matchroom Boxing Foundation has offered emergency funds to enable the clubs’ amateur talents to box on and Hearn will meet with the club next week where they will look at investment into new premises.

Founded in 1947, the Golden Gloves ABC currently houses 30 male and female amateur fighters, and boasts products from 1972 Olympic bronze medallist George Turpin to current amateur stand-out Anthony Fowler, as well as opening its doors to over 30 recreational users from the city every night.

The intervention of the Matchroom Boxing Foundation means that both future amateur stars and those whom use the gym for fun will still be able to provide a vital service to the boxing-mad city.

“Without this injection of money, the Golden Gloves ABC would be doomed,” said Golden Gloves ABC coach Kevin Barrett. “We are thrilled to be the first boxing club to receive support from the Matchroom Boxing Foundation and after a dark few days the future looks bright for all the kids that use the club and the coaches here like Wayne Smith that work so hard to keep it going and to provide a vital service to the community.”

“We have been investing in the elite end of the sport for many years and now it’s time to give something back,” said Hearn. “Through the Matchroom Boxing Foundation, we plan to provide funding and resources that will enable clubs that are vital to the progression of youth in the community, to continue to strive and play the integral role they do.

“Everyone in boxing knows how important these clubs are to the local community and just how they can change people’s lives – we must ensure others know the same.”

The Matchroom Boxing Foundation officially launches next week where details and forms for clubs to apply for support will be made available.

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